Somehow I have made it to take vocal coaching from a Speech Pathologist.  She had been very helpful.  Lessons are so simple, but seeing dramatic difference in my voice.  I'll share the lessons.  on the other part of my site under teaching. 

As she shared.. sometimes people don't realize that these little lessons and exercises are going to change your voice...  Most people don't do that.  I shared with her that I went all the way to NYC in Manhattan and took lessons from Carmine Caruso on Trumpet.  AT that time, trumpet players were coming from Europe and over the world to take lessons from him.  I came home with three lessons!  It doesn't have to be hard or a lot.. just the right lessons and exercises to change. 

I have a friend whom I took SKYPE lessons from on guitar.  As he shared.. he went to an expert teacher himself.. and the teacher took all of his method books he brought with him, and made him only do one exercise.. a C scale.. 

So many times, we are conditioned to want MORE.. even from God.. when it's the simple things in life.. that help us...

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