Catch Up

Had a great time in April ministering in Phillipi, West Virginia at Silent Grove Community Church.  This little church is always packed full of people.  IT overlooks the beautiful mountains of West Virginia.  Bryan Headley is pastor.  Due to his investment into these people's lives.. the little church is packed! 

We did a Sunday morning service.. both worship and teaching as well as Sunday evening with sharing on a worship encounter and intercession.  It was a great time worshiping God. 

Also... we did a weekend in Easton, MD.  HOPE Church.  What a great time.  The worship team was excellent!  They made it so easy to just worship the Lord.  We flowed together and God ministered as well.  Evening service was wonderful.  We spent two hours on a intercession type harp and bowl.. just equipping the saints to pray and release what God wants to do in their lives. 

Also led worship every Sunday night at Washington House of Prayer.  Had some wonderful speakers as well.  I so love leading the worship with the YWAM team.  WE put together a team every Sunday night and enjoy the presence of God.  Jason Hershey has had such an influence in my life. 

We also completed 45 days of prayer.... What a wonderful time we had.  I would attend three times a week.  Such a wonderful time in God's presence.  One never is able to go through those prayer meetings and remain the same.  

Getting ready for David's Tent in September for 50 days.  It's going to be great.. right in front of the White House. 

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