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Upcoming events are to worship God!  entirely!
U.S. Capital
God has given me a worship team to worship every Sunday at the U.S. Capitol in the afternoon for the Capitol Police and staff.  We have been doing this since September 2016.  Also, I lead our worship team 1.  For the Capitol Police on Sunday morning with our team and 2 times a month on Wednesday nights at Capitol Worship.  

Due to COVID-19, these activities have been suspended.  
 Pastor Dan Cummins webpage
David's Tent DC
I continue to join in and lead worship at the Tent on a regular basis.  I've been involved with this since the first year.  We have now been going full 24/7 for five years.  It is exciting and continues to be that.  It's a love song to Jesus!   If you want to sign up for a worship set, please contact


Ministry at David's Tent DC.  My wife and I lead worship every Saturday morning at the Tent on the Washington National Mall.  Drop by and see us.  Contact us for more information.  


For three years I was the Regional Ambassador for Awaken the Dawn for Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware.  There is a end of year conference in Fredericksburg, VA for ATD.  Please check out their website.  



About Us


STUDENTS:  Please go to the Ministry Page and then subtitle - School of Worship page and log in there for vital information!! 
Hi there.. Thanks for checking out our website.  Make sure you click at the bottom of your screen to select different songs that are playing right now.  Let me know what you think. 

God is moving throughout the earth today.  Let's catch a glimpse of what He is doing in our midst! 

Just placed up a new song in the list down at the bottom.  It will automatically play after the intro. 


  We're just so blessed by God... Oh to be in His presence and enjoy all of His delights!  He is such a wonderful Father.. What a wonderful Abba Father we have!  Thank you God for your love! 
I personally want to thank Dennis Norton, the main guitar instructor at IHOP-KC.  I took 15 months of lessons from him.  I could play guitar prior to this and had taught classical guitar, but Dennis opened up current sounds and what a blast it was taking lessons from him via Skype. 
If you want to see what he's doing, you can check him out at 
  He's such a methodical teacher and a very gifted musician as he teaches the guitarists at IHOP-KC.  Recently we were ministering at a church, and the Saturday night and Sunday morning, most of the sets were with the guitar.  It's good to feel comfortable playing that instrument even though I had played and taught classical guitar for years. 

As we worship God, we've seen wonderful times of God's ministry to His people.  From spiritual and physical healing to refreshing and peace that come from His presence.  It says that David played his musical instrument before Saul and Saul was refreshed by this instrumental music. 

I'm so excited that God chose me to participate in His glorious worship and enjoy music. 

It says that God dwells in the midst of our praises... Psa 22.  Music was originally created by God for the worship of Him alone. As you listen to the music, allow it to minister to you. Allow His joy to flow over you as you listen to the music and God's presence invades your heart with His goodness.

I feel such a passion for God and what he wants to do in YOUR life right now. Receive it from him. He loves you so much!

We included some
soaking worship songs for you on the next page for you to listen to.  Hope they will be a blessing to you.  We continue to work on this site and add more music and songs. 

This website is just to give you an update on us and allow our paths to cross.  

Again, thanks for checking out our website. 


Playing guitar and singing songs at care facility. 

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Our passion in life is to see God move through His Son Jesus to touch a suffering and hurting humanity.

As we look in the world, we see more people hurting and needing the supernatural ministry of Jesus in their lives.

Changing hurting hearts to forgiveness, and bringing physical and spiritual healing, Jesus does it all!

Having been a part of seeing God move in people's lives, it's worth it all to see someone changed by God's awesome power. 

About Allen: God miraculously came into his life many years ago to heal, deliver, and set him free.  After starting to play and sing music at the age of 5 in church, he ended up playing and singing in clubs in the D.C. area, but God moved and miraculously set him free.

Upcoming Events

Wow, where has the time gone!  

After 50 days of Worship at David's Tent DC, we made it!  Wow.. all Night Watch. 

I did from 5 - 7 nights a week, sometimes having only a couple hours to rest between sets and hardly any sleep.  It's been glorious. 
I'll give updates on this and what's next. 

Wow, this weekend will be leading worship in Wilmington DE at an event there.  It should be wonderful! 

Time Flies - David's Tent DC 

We're at David's Tent DC Night Watch.  I'm there for most of the time, being a staff member and being there for at least 5 nights a week, and also doing daytime worship as well.  

Also, we have Delaware Day of 24 hours from people in Delaware on Friday, October 10 starting at 1pm and ending at Saturday, October 11th at 1pm.  We are going throughout the night with worship from Delaware Teams.  We also are having intercessors this  year to join us for parts of the time! 

May 22 Awaken The Dawn 

What a great time listening to this conference.  Messages are still archived and you can stream the messages on

We went down to the Saturday afternoon meeting where they had a Solemn Assembly.  It was three hours of continuous petitioning God and worship.  God just showed up and ministered.  Great times of prayer, worship, and intercession.  The entire area will be changed by God. 


Somehow I have made it to take vocal coaching from a Speech Pathologist.  She had been very helpful.  Lessons are so simple, but seeing dramatic difference in my voice.  I'll share the lessons.  on the other part of my site under teaching. 

As she shared.. sometimes people don't realize that these little lessons and exercises are going to change your voice...  Most people don't do that.  I shared with her that I went all the way to NYC in Manhattan and took lessons from Carmine Caruso on Trumpet.  AT that…Read more

Catch Up 

Had a great time in April ministering in Phillipi, West Virginia at Silent Grove Community Church.  This little church is always packed full of people.  IT overlooks the beautiful mountains of West Virginia.  Bryan Headley is pastor.  Due to his investment into these people's lives.. the little church is packed! 

We did a Sunday morning service.. both worship and teaching as well as Sunday evening with sharing on a worship encounter and intercession.  It was a great time worshiping God. 

Also... we did a…Read more

White Clay Creek Presbyterian Church Worship Weekend 

What a lovely weekend to share, March 14 and 15 with a worship  encounter on Friday evening with Theresa Jones singing backup vocal as well as a 5 hour teaching workshop on Saturday working with the worship team. 

DE-HOP - Delaware House of Prayer 

This is a tremendous ministry in Wilmington, Delaware that meets on the third Saturday of each month.  They have over 12 hours of continuous worship and intercession.  Please check out their website.


God's Love.  I've been meditating on a two verse passage.  It's in 2 Kings 13: 20-21

Elisha died, and they buried him.  Bands of the Moabites invaded the land in the spring of the next year.  21  As a man was being bured (on an open bier), such a band was seen coming, and the man was cast into Elisha's grave.  And when the man being let down touched the bones of Elisha, he revived  and stood on his feet.

I remember this being taught and preached in a message regarding the anointing and the tangibleness of…Read more

Middle of the Summer 

Have had hot weather.. and now a day that's a bit cool.  Had a tremendous time this past Saturday at "Freedom Reigns" in Delaware where we had over 12 hours of continuous worship and prayer.  God is so good!  10a - 10p. 

Great musicians that are sharing.. I'm totally blessed.

Upcoming School of Worship - Saturday, February 9, 2p - 5p 

Sign up for the upcoming School of Worship at House of Praise in Greenwood, DE.  It will be 4 sessions, one a month for the next four months.  To sign up, please go to the website. 
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Continuous Praise and Worship Stream

Give a listen to this wonderful 24/7 streaming worship time.  No matter what time of day or night, there is praise and worship and intercession going on. 

It's so tremendous. 

Prayer Room